• If your jewelry becomes dirty - clean with mild shampoo/soap and let airt dry thoroughly before packaging and shipping.
  • All horse hair jewelry is trainable! If you want to shape a piece that wants to twist or roll you can dampen it with water, fasten around a towel rolled to the correct side needed and let air dry thoroughly.
  • Use a silver cleaning cloth/pad to clean all metal. Do not use harsh cleaners, like paste or liquid, as this may damage the hair.
  • Do not wear your bracelets with watches or tennis bracelets as the dial and prongs can catch the hair.
  • It is not uncommon for a hair to come loose or break with normal wear. Trim as close to the braid as you can with nail trimmers being careful to not clip the braid itself.
  • Your jewelry is water resistant but not waterproof. Do not wear swimming or while showering/bathing.
  • If your item is created with hair from the mane/forelock - remember the hair will be more fine and more likely to fray if worn under active conditions.
  • Keep out of reach of pets - sometimes they think it’s a snack!