About Spirithorse Designs

Owner, Artist, Designer

Hi! I'm Angela

Working in the veterinary field for almost 15 years, the most difficult part of my job was helping clients during the sensitive moments of saying goodbye to their beloved horses and pets.

I created Sprithorse Designs over 18 years ago to help every fellow horse & pet lover celebrate the joy, happiness and comfort they bring to our everyday lives. Our mission is to give our clients the ability to carry all the happy memories of their heart horse or pet with them... Always. 

You shouldn't wait until it's too late to celebrate what they mean to you.

Let’s work together to create the perfect piece to honor their story & spirit TODAY.

Your Questions, Answered

If you have any questions before placing an order or have additional questions that are not addressed in the list below, please contact us and we would be happy to help!

Looking for our "How To" Guides when it comes to measuring, preparing, packaging, and shipping your pet hair? View the "How To Guides" section below the FAQ's!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the typical turnaround time after an order is placed?

Typical turnaround time is 4-6 weeks from the date your hair is received

Once your hair is received a specific date range will be given by email or text.

Questions? Call 682-593-9366 or email us


  • If you live in the US - Orders must be received by November 15 by 11:59 pm MST to receive the finished order before Christmas Day.
  • If you live outside the US - Orders must be received by November 1 by 11:59pm MST to receive the finished order before Christmas Day.
  • HAIR MUST BE RECEIVED BY DECEMBER 1st for delivery by Christmas.
  • We are not responsible for delayed shipments due to USPS or FEDEX shipping time, custom issues, etc.*
  • All orders placed AFTER November 15th will not be completed until AFTER January 15th. I always try and give an estimated date of shipment when the order is received; however, at this time of year it depends on the amount of orders received between November 28th and December 31st.

The above order deadlines are subject to change at any time before the date specified, based on the amount of orders received. Any date change will be posted here, on the home page of the website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


  • All orders are completed in the order the horse hair package is received - NOT in the order the order was received. If you chose to use my stock of hair, your order is placed in queue the day the order was received.
  • I cannot expedite orders between September 1 and December 31. It is not fair to all those who ordered by the deadline date.
  • Providing washed horse hair will put you in the queue first - this means you will receive your order a few days earlier than if you don't wash it.


  • 100% Custom design orders take more time to complete due to research, design process and approval. Custom design orders are not available from Sept. 1st - Jan. 30th. Custom horse hair jewelry designs services with reopen February 1st.
How long will my jewelry last?

For a lifetime with proper care.

Just like people, horse's have different hair types - some are course, some are thin, some are fine and some are thick. With proper care, your jewelry will last a lifetime no matter what kind of hair they have.

You will receive a jewelry care instruction card with your completed order, or you may find it here: JEWELRY CARE

How much hair do you need?

Each item has the exact amount listed, as the amount needed for each piece varies.

Do I have to wash my horse hair?

No, you do not. HOWEVER! If you do wash it before sending, your order will get put at the front of the line for faster completion.

Click here for our tutorial: Washing Horse Hair for Jewelry

How do I ship my horse hair to you?
  • Secure the thickest part of the hair with a rubber band
  • Package hair in a paper or plastic bag - if using plastic, cut holes or slits in the sides so air is allowed to circulate.
  • Label the hair package with your information and contact number/email
  • Ship in a sturdy package - NOT AN ENVELOPE - such as a box, padded envelope, manila envelope, cardboard mailer.
  • Ship to: Spirithorse Designs, 8271 Hidden Valley Rd., Abingdon VA 24210
Will you return the unused hair?

Absolutely! I know how important our horses are to us, and I will return any hair not used in the creation of your order.

If you prefer to let me keep it for other orders, you may choose that option when completing your order, or send me a note.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes! At this time the website only supports processing for USA, Canada, United Kingdom, All of Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. If you want to place an order and you are within a country not listed here, please send me an email and I can process your order through a different provider.

Do you do custom design orders?

Yes, I LOVE custom work! To get started on your own custom design, send me an email with your ideas and let's create something special together!

Do you provide the horse hair?

Yes! If you do not have your own, choose that option from the item you would like to order, or let me know on the order form, along with what color you would like.

If no color option is chosen your order will be completed using black or sorrel/chestnut.

Can I use my own horse hair?

Of course! The majority of orders are using your own horse's hair to create a special wearable memory.

I do recommend that you only ship the amount needed for your order as I have no control over what those shipping companies will do with your package.

Can you design using more than one horse's hair color?

Yes! As many as you like. The current record is 32 horses in one hat band.

What if my horse hair is too short or there's not enough?

If you are unsure if you have enough length of hair or amount of hair for the item you are dreaming of, send me an email with a photo of the hair beside a ruler/measuring tape and I can confirm for you.

You are also more than welcome to send your hair ahead of ordering and I will contact you once it has arrived and let you know for sure if there is enough.

I have so many design options, and I love coming up with new designs, that I am sure we can create something special for you regardless!

I love my jewelry! But the hair doesn't look the same now, why?

The reason your jewelry may look different than what you see when you look at your horse is due to a few things. I use a whitening horse shampoo when I wash that helps remove the build up of dirt and "other" things that get into a horses tail.

Secondly, the portion of hair that is usually what you see is touched by the sun and the environment, this is also hair that is usually too short to use in the creation of your jewelry or art, so these hairs are removed. The inner portion of hair that is the longest is used and this area gets much less contact with the sun and elements, therefore it tends to look brighter, and a different color than what you see when you look at your horse.

My jewelry needs repair, can you help?

If you need a repair, please send me an email with a photo and description of the problem. I can usually tell you from the photo if it's something I can repair for you. The cost of repairs depends upon each situation.

My jewelry is too small/too large, can you help?

If your item is too small, I can usually add more links to the clasp that will give you an extra .25 - .5 inch.

If your item is too large, a new piece would have to be created for you.

My clasp is broken, can you replace it?

I sure can! It's a small fee, just send me an email.

Can I wear my jewelry in the shower/swimming?

Yes, you can, but I don't advise it. Although the epoxy I use is waterproof, the chemicals in soaps/shampoos/swimming pools can still cause the epoxy to breakdown.

How do I send photos to you for personalized items?

You can use the upload link on the website or by email. If you only have a printed photo, send it along with your horse hair and I will scan it in, edit and resize for your order. You will receive it back of course!

You'll Love it, Guaranteed


I strive to create each and every piece with love, care and understanding of what it will mean to you once you hold it in your hands... because of that, I stand by each and every piece I make, from the intention and love from which they are created, to the thoughtfully sourced high quality materials used.

This is why I offer a 30 Day Limited Warranty + Lifetime Repair Services with each and every item I create. If you are not whole-heartedly satisfied with your order, then please drop us a note within 10 days of receiving it. We will do what we can to make it right.

If you prefer to return your order with in 10 days of receiving your package - no questions asked - please include a copy of your purchase receipt and once it is received you will receive a 100% refund. (Returns should be unworn, in the state they were received, with their original packaging.)

If you are ever in need of a repair - let us know! We prefer to evaluate the situation by photos and conversations before you even send your jewelry in, so please contact me as soon as you notice a repair is needed. Any Repairs Within 30 Days of Receipt Are Free.

Any repairs after our 30 day limited warranty will be evaluated and cost will be determined by the repair needed. Please see chart below for details:

Covered under Limited Warranty - Cost, after 30 day Limited Warranty.

All beads and findings are intact, but hair needs to be repaired - Cost of shipping

Lost beads, charms, ear wires - Small fee for replacement, will vary depending on style of bead/charm + Cost of shipping

Broken ear wires, lost clasps, broken or damaged rings - Small fee for replacement, will vary depending on style of bead/charm + Cost of shipping

Epoxy breakdown, beads and clasp have moved - Cost of shipping

Not Covered under Limited Warranty

Color changes/tarnishing/color fading of beads

Abused or damaged items

Normal hair breakage from wear

Sizing changes from original order